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About US

  • Established in 1992 as one of the first licensed sanitary landfills in Galilee region.

  • Approved & recognized by Israel Ministry of Environmental Protection.

  • State of the art equipment with the eco-system as a priority.


Samir Daoud - Founder & CEO

Responding to demand for higher standards of waste disposal, Mr. Daoud was determined to fill the gap. His success is built on many years of experience, both locally and abroad. Most recently Mr. Daoud has introduced two new plants, a sorting- separation plant and an organic composting plant.


Sorting separation plant

  • Modern, high-tech sorting facility.

  • Latest in automated machinery technology.

  • Specifically designed to handle local Municipal Solid Waste (MSW).

  • Modern European made recycling machinery.


  • Fully enclosed structure with air treatment.

  • In-floor aeration system engineered, designed and built by Naser Recycling engineers.

  • Large compost turner.

  • Large scale screener for final sorting of product.



  • Anchored gas from the landfill is sent to a generator to produce 1.1 Mega Watts per hour.

  • Provides electricity to the local community through the grid.

  • Heat extraction for future products.


  • Only what remains after recycling goes to the on-site landfill.

  • Our sanitary landfill is built in accordance to the highest standards, preserving the surrounding environment.

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